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PeekyMe provides explorative and creative craft experiences for kids.  Craft ideas all in one box. Furthermore, it is delivered right to your door absolutely hassle-free too.

Pauline Mitchell is the creative mind behind PeekyMe.  A Mother of two young boys from Dalwallinu.  Pauline certainly knows the importance of providing a variety of activities to stimulate young minds.  Creativity and play are at the center of it all.

However, Living in a rural area means that craft supplies are not always accessible.  Nevertheless, this, fueled Pauline vision of building a business around the values most important to her as a mother.

After the birth of her second child, Pauline acquired PeekyMe.   PeekyMe represents the values of making creativity accessible and affordable to Australian families.  At its core is a desire to provide affordable and high-quality kids craft activities.  Particularly designed for preschool and kindergarten kids.  Most importantly, her mission is to encourage families to strengthen bonds through creativity and play above all.

The most exciting thing about owning PeekyMe is test-driving creative crafts with her children. Moreover, watching her husband actively engage with the children as they learn and grow is undoubtedly her vision for each and every family.

“We’re all about empowering families to give their children the gift of creativity through our unique PeekyMe creative craft boxes and party packs.”

Pauline Mitchell, PeekyMe Owner

Owners and Founders of Kids Craft Box - PeekyMe

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