30 Affordable Kids’ Gift Ideas

(That don’t involve technology)


30 Affordable Kids’ Gift Ideas

Affordable kids’ gift ideas are hard to come by, particularly with increasing technology (and their eye-watering price tags). But, there are plenty of fun and fabulous presents that your children can enjoy that don’t cost a fortune, and gets them away from their screens.

For anyone on a budget, we’ll run through 30 cheap kids gift ideas, which have the added benefit of keeping our little ones away from the screen for a while! Let’s jump in!

1. Jigsaw Puzzles

A classic gift that kids always love! Jigsaw puzzles strike the perfect balance between fun and educational. Children benefit from the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills, spatial awareness, memory, and problem-solving abilities. Plus, it’s a fun activity for the whole family. What better way to spend a rainy afternoon than working together on bringing an image to life?

You can even have a picture of your choosing turned into a puzzle, like their favourite animal or a family scene. Making it an extra special gift!

2. Mini Sport Sets

Encourage sport as well as hand-eye coordination in your children with mini-games. For example a downsized basketball set.

The scaled-down hoop and ball can be used over a bedroom door, in the family den, or outside, for a quick practice or a light-hearted game with friends. They often come with foam balls too so that they can be played in or outside the house. 

3. Personalised Storybooks

An inexpensive but thoughtful gift as far as affordable kids’ gift ideas are concerned, are personalised storybooks. Simply provide the retailer with the child’s name, and they’ll receive a book that transports them to a whole new world for an amazing adventure. Kids absolutely love this gift, and it’s something they’ll treasure for a lifetime.

4. Building Sets

A cherished gift for kids of all ages! Lego, K’Nex, Meccano, and Mega Bloks are amongst the most well-known brands, and starter kits can be surprisingly affordable. As well as being heaps of fun, building blocks and sets are very educational. They encourage creativity, help to develop motor skills and lateral thinking, and teach kids how to solve problems. Plus, they’re great for getting adults involved too!

5. Craft Boxes

Kids absolutely love expressing themselves creatively. Craft projects allow them to explore their imaginations and embrace their artistic side. If you’re looking for affordable kids gift ideas, you can’t go wrong with a box full of craft supplies. We take the legwork out of putting a gift together; offering a craft box containing a generous selection of the creative materials kids dream of! The boxes are reasonably priced and represent excellent value for money; click here to check out the current selection.

6. Floating Football Disks

Also known as hover balls, these awesome air-powered disks allow your kids to play football indoors, by being soft enough not to damage walls and furniture. A great gift for the budding Lionel Messi in your life, and it’s super affordable. Plus, kids aren’t limited to football; hover disks can also be used to play hockey and indoor bowling.

7. Bath Lights

Let’s be honest, not all kids look forward to going in the bath! Make the nightly chore into a party by gifting them a set of waterproof bath lights. They’ll illuminate the tub, creating an awesome ambience – you can even get flashing and colour-changing lights for the ultimate celebration!

8. Unique Teddy Bears

A popular favourite for younger children, teddy bears are also great for kids of all ages. Personalised teddy bears are not only soft and comforting companions, but they take on an extra significance too, thanks to unique customisation. And you don’t need to spend a lot; there are now so many retailers offering personalised teddies that they’ve become super affordable!

9. House Tents

If you have young children, you might not be comfortable with them camping outside. But, indoor children’s tents are inexpensive and can be an awesome treat for friends or on the weekend. They easily pop-up and fold away to take up minimal space but are always well loved as fun indoor spaces for the kids.

10. Indoor Archery

Do you know a kid who wants to hone the archery talents of Katniss Everdeen? A bow and arrow set is inexpensive, gives children the opportunity to learn a new skill, and can be enjoyed by the whole family – with a competitive edge, of course! Set up the target in the garden on sunny days, or take it to the garage or their bedroom when the weather is iffy. If they’re not too accurate at first, offer plenty of encouragement; it won’t be long before they get the hang of it!

11. Board Games

One of the most enduring, affordable kids’ gift ideas is the traditional board game. These come in various forms, from the classics to modern favourites to games tied in with TV and movie franchises. For younger kids, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, and Draughts are an excellent introduction. Older kids will enjoy more challenging games, such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit. Of course, there are child-friendly versions of most classics, or those with modifications according to the player.

Board games are not only bucket loads of fun, but they can also teach kids important lessons about sportsmanship, strategy, and quick decision-making. Plus, they can be an excellent way to bridge the gap between generations! 

12. 3D Puzzles

Puzzles aren’t restricted to a flat surface! 3D puzzles come in various forms, each with their own devilish challenge. Wooden puzzles often look deceptively simple, but solving them can prove tricky! There are also puzzles contained within a plastic ball, which require precision to solve simultaneously. You can also get 3D puzzle models of their favourite landmarks for the older children with incredible precision to encourage learning too. 

13. Mini Remote Control Cars

No matter your age, there’s always something exciting about remote control vehicles! You don’t need to break the bank to get your hands on one either. Mini RC cars are scaled-down versions of their big siblings, which carry many of the features at the fraction of the price. In fact, when you’re looking for cheap gift ideas for kids, it’s worth checking out the RC section because there are now affordable wall-climbing cars for hours of fun!

12. Bath Crayons

If you want to minimise the creative carnage to one easy-to-clean area, go for the bath. These inexpensive water crayons equal hours of fun and are easy to wash off most bathroom surfaces. Although you should always check first, these can be an excellent way of Avoiding craft time from making your house messy!

13. Inflatable Games

Want to pump up the fun without overspending? Inflatable games are awesome and affordable kids’ gifts. Choose from sports such as blow-up bowling, boxing, football, and basketball, and get the whole family involved! You’ll have plenty of fun together, and the kids have a chance to finesse their sporting skills. A win-win!

14. Home Science Sets

For the budding junior scientists in your life, a chemistry set is an affordable gift packed with plenty of learning potential. Each box comes with all the materials required to set up exciting experiments. Kids are sponges for information; giving them the opportunity to learn some valuable scientific skills from a young age sets them in good stead as they grow up.

15. Bubble Guns

OK, we’re just going all-out fun with this one! Amongst the most affordable kids’ gift ideas is the classic bubble gun. These will keep kids entertained for hours, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles. You can often find bubble guns that are tied in with popular movie and TV franchises. They also make fantastic stocking-fillers at Christmas!

16.  Word Magnets

Another way to tap into a child’s creative side is to encourage them to write their own stories. A set of word magnets is an affordable gift that prompts kids to bring out their best prose. Each pack contains a selection of words that can be put together, on a fridge or other metallic surface, to form exciting new tales. Plus it’s an excellent way to leave notes for each other. 

17. Crystal Growing Set

The wonder of science never goes out of fashion for kids. The humble crystal growing set is an oldie but goldie – something you probably played with as a kid, which remains as exciting for the new generation as it was for us. Starter kits are perfectly affordable and provide an activity that the whole family can get involved in. One of the best things about this gift is that children don’t have to wait a long time for their crystals to grow; the experiment can be completed in just a couple of hours.

18. Desktop Table Tennis

Do you know a kid who loves a good old game of ping-pong but doesn’t have the room to set up their own table? No worries – desktop table tennis to the rescue! These miniature sets are just the right size for an informal game or a family tournament. Pop them on the dining room table for big games, or on a desk or coffee table for a simple two-player. Inexpensive and lots of fun – the perfect combination!

19. Paint-Your-Own Birdhouse

Another tried-and-tested kid-friendly favourite! This is a perfect summer activity for children who simply need to stop, chill for a minute, and put their creative energy to good use. Birdhouse-painting kits contain everything needed to customise a beautiful new addition to the garden, and they’re reasonably priced. Avian visitors will soon have an attractive place to stop!

20. Letterboards

The classic push-in felt letterboard has made a glorious comeback in recent years, so it’s an especially good time to buy one as an affordable – and fashionable – gift for kids. Whilst this present is certainly suited to younger recipients, it’ll be super-popular amongst pre-teens and adolescents. They are very Instagram-friendly, after all!

21. Personalised Height Charts

A delightful gift that also serves as a cherished memento is a personalised height chart. Retailers will customise plastic or wooden charts at a very reasonable price, making this one of the more affordable kids’ gift ideas. Children will be thrilled with the visual representation of their growth, especially alongside their siblings’ charts. It’s also a brilliant prop for birthdays and back-to-school photos!

22. Glow-In-The-Dark Stars

What better way to fall asleep than under the night sky? OK, we’re not speaking literally, but this is the next best thing. Glow-in-the dark self-adhesive stars can be placed all over the ceiling of a kid’s room to create a beautiful scattering of celestial light. They’re one of the best affordable kids gift ideas, and have remained popular for decades.

23. Snow Cone Maker

Do you remember making tasty snow cones on hot days? They’re the ultimate summertime delicacy! Pass on this delicious tradition to the next generation by gifting them a snow cone maker. It’ll have all the equipment and ingredients they need to start making their own yummy treats – they might even make one for you, too!

24. My First Telescope

There are few things as wonderous for a junior stargazer than getting a closer view of the night sky. Whilst highly powered telescopes remain a substantial expense, first telescopes for burgeoning  astronomers are surprisingly affordable. You can combo this present with a guide to the skies, to help kids get the most out of the equipment. Educational and fun – a powerful mix!

25. Giant Lawn Games

OK, we admit it; this one’s a lot of fun for the grown-ups, too! Giant noughts and crosses or chess sets are budget-friendly and heaps of fun. Usually, the grid is made of rope or another flexible material, with wooden or plastic pieces. If there’s enough space, it can be played inside, but it really shines as a gift to enjoy in the garden during the warmer months.

26. Ant Farm

For the bug lovers an ant farm is an affordably fun gift that is educational too. They normally come with the sand and aparatus but you can also buy ants as well. Then you can see the networks they create and how they work together which can be fascinating. If you buy a kit that is easily extendible it can often be a sustainable gift that you can add to in the future.

27. Paint & Mould

Plaster of paris is a childhood favourite that allows you and your children to mould different creations, allow them to set and then paint them. There are hundreds of themed sets such as fairies, cars, dinosaurs or glow in the dark and you end up with an ornament at the end.

28. Sound Effect Machines

This may not be the best for you depending on your sense of humour, but kids love them. They are affordable and full of fun! Plus you can get comical sound effects that make the whole family laugh and you can play games with them like role-playing and incorporating the next sound that comes up!

29. Fairy Doors

Fairies are in at the moment and many kids love the magic associated with them. Fairy doors are special weatherproof ornaments that you can put in the garden or around the house that allow fairies to come and visit.

30. Top Trumps!

These come in a variety of topics and are the ultimate car game! Easy to store as well as play at any age there are also educational versions that have associated facts too!