Subscription Questions

What does the PeekyMe subscription include?2018-12-11T20:57:33+08:00

Each month you will receive a PeekyMe craft box delivered to your chosen address with all the materials and instructions required to complete exciting and educational craft activities inspired by the environment, science and art.

Are PeekyMe boxes designed for girls and boys?2018-12-11T20:57:43+08:00

Yes, girls and boys both enjoy craft, so each activity has been carefully designed to appeal to both.

For what age is a PeekyMe box appropriate?2018-12-11T20:55:12+08:00

Our boxes are designed for children aged 3-7. Each activity will be interpreted by each age group in a different way, so each outcome and creation will vary.

Are the PeekyMe activities educational?2018-12-11T21:07:30+08:00

Each of the PeekyMe activities have been carefully constructed to incorporate the Early Years Learning Framework which are guidelines set by the Australian Government to outline the learning outcomes for young children. We have used icons to identify which learning outcome is being met for each activity. You can be assured that not only are the children having fun, but they’re learning through play.

How does the subscription work?2018-04-29T03:07:46+08:00

Simply sign up for a monthly subscription and you will start receiving the PeekyMe box delivered to your door each month. Billing charges will be automated monthly until the subscription is cancelled which can be done at any time through My Account.

Alternatively, you can select our annual subscription which ensures 12 months of fun and excitement delivered to your door. You will receive one month free with a 12 month subscription.

Gift subscriptions can be made for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

How do I redeem a PeekyMe e-gift card?2018-04-29T03:07:46+08:00

If you have received a PeekyMe e-gift card, all you need to do is go to Gifts and click on Redeem. Enter your e-gift card code and select the type of subscription you would like before being asked to enter some personal details for shipping purposes.

When will my PeekyMe box arrive?2018-12-11T20:57:58+08:00

PeekyMe boxes are shipped on 15th of each month, or the first business day thereafter. Deliveries within Australia will take up to 5 business days and international deliveries will take up to 10 business days.

When will I be billed for my monthly subscription?2018-04-29T03:07:46+08:00

When you sign up for the monthly subscription you will be billed automatically each month on the same day of the month that you first sign up.

What is the cancellation policy?2018-12-11T20:58:06+08:00

We hope that you are enjoying your PeekyMe subscription, however, if you need to cancel your monthly subscription you can do so at any time via your order summary in your account.

Annual and gift subscriptions are not eligible for cancellation.

My subscription is due to expire, how can I renew it?2018-04-29T03:07:46+08:00

Nearing the end of your subscription you will be sent an email to remind you to renew your subscription with details on how to do so.

Where does PeekyMe ship to?2018-04-29T03:07:45+08:00

PeekyMe uses Australia Post for all shipping within Australia and to New Zealand. Shipping is free for all PeekyMe craft box subscriptions within Australia and to New Zealand (including gift subscriptions). We understand that some gifts require a little urgency, so if you’re purchasing a 1 month PeekyMe gift subscription then you will be offered the option of Express Shipping (prices outlined during the checkout process).

PeekyMe subscriptions and gifts can be shipped to Singapore and Hong Kong using Australia Post. A flat fee of $10 per month applies to all international orders.

How can I change my billing/shipping details?2018-04-29T03:07:45+08:00

All you need to do is log in to your account and click on Default Billing/Default Shipping to amend your personal details.

Party Pack Questions

For what age are the Party Packs designed for?2018-04-29T03:05:08+08:00

Children aged 3+ will have the ability to complete the activities for each themed party pack.

What is the minimum order for the Party Packs and can I mix and match them?2018-04-29T03:05:48+08:00

The minimum order is 8 party packs, but we’re happy for you to mix and match the themes, provided there are a total of 8 packs or more. For example, you can buy 4 princess packs and 4 pirate packs if you have 8 children attending the party. You may have 10 people attending the party and want 2 pirate, 2 ballerina, 2 superhero and 4 princess, we like to be flexible.

When do the orders ship and what are the shipping costs?2018-04-29T03:06:07+08:00

Orders are shipped via Australia Post within 2 business days of receiving the order. Delivery times within Australia will be up to 5 business days. Party Pack shipping is charged at a flat rate of $10.

Where does PeekyMe ship Party Packs?2018-04-29T03:06:27+08:00

We currently only ship within Australia.