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PeekyMe craft products create connections between children and their families, as well as teach children (and their families) to be inventive and resourceful.

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What To Expect From Our Kids Craft Packs


High Quality

a PeekyMe creative craft pack includes four or more craft activities made with high-quality materials based on popular themes like Pirates, Space and My Coffee Shop.


PeekyMe products are centred around the Early Learning Framework of the Australian Curriculum and support the concept of ‘learning through play’.


As Australia’s best value-for-money craft pack. We pride ourselves on focusing our effort on whats in the box, not the artwork on it.

What Makes Our Packs So Special

Affordable Kids Craft Ideas

Supports Development

Each craft Pack includes a range of craft materials and activities that stimulate development by focusing on inquiry learning, making meaning through play and working collaboratively.

Fosters Connections

The process of creating builds relationships and encourages collaboration between children and their families as they create and play.

Father and Daughter Bonding Through Craft
Kids Craft Idea and Gift Boxes


Spend more time having fun and creating memories and less time preparing materials and coming up with stimulating activities.

Ignite Imaginations

Making your PeekyMe creations is only the start of the fun as every craft activity has been specifically designed to encourage imaginative play

Let your kids learn through craft