How to Help Your Kids Love Crafts



Many kids love crafts, and creativity plays a vital part in your kid’s mental, emotional, and social development. While some children will show more aptitude towards arts and crafts, with the right nurturing, you can help your kids love crafts and reap the benefits! You can play an active role in fostering your kid’s creativity and love for arts and crafts in these ways:

Lead by Example

Your kids will love arts and crafts even more if they see that you create art too, especially if you make things they can play with later, or even small comic books they can read and explore. This also gives you time to bond with your children and show that Mummy and Daddy can do fun and silly things as well. You can combine easy to make things with new games, like making sock puppets, and kids will love playing with them whilst you continue to create.

Display Art

Showing that art and creativity are to be displayed and appreciated gives kids a better sense of achievement when they create something.

The fridge is often a go-to place for your child’s art, but with so many creations, it’s hard to fit all of them there. Instead, have a dedicated place in your house where you will display your child’s creations. You can choose a wall to hang their art, and even become crafty with the way you will display it. Buy cheap frames in bulk to display the best art pieces on a wall. If you don’t feel like using frames, you can buy frame decals for walls and display art that way – it makes switching art much easier and even your child can do that.

There’re tons of options how you can display your children’s art. If they are more into crafts than painting or drawing, think about installing a few shelves so they can put their creations there too.

Bring in New Art Supplies

The same projects can often bore your kids so mix things up and keep new ideas coming! Our monthly craft box sends different crafts with interesting themes each month with the supplies for several activities.

This gives you and your kids a great artsy surprise to look forward to each month. It’s a cool way to discover new crafts, materials, and aptitudes in your kids. 

Kids Craft Box

Make Art Accessible

If it’s difficult to access your craft box, find a suitable place to create something or you don’t have a designated area, it can feel like a chore when you want to get creative. Having a separate craft table or box that you (and your child) can easily access makes it an easy decision and encourages them to create.

Also, having the proper storage system in place when they want to look at old creations to be inspired is essential. Use labeled binders for drawings and paintings or a particular shelf and cabinet for crafts and models they’ve created. 

Incorporate Art in Life

Make an elaborate plan to place various things around your home that will invite kids to create on their own. Having sticky or letter magnets on your fridge is the most popular example of strewing. Instead of telling your kids it’s time to do art, let them find opportunities to create art around the house. Leave a sketchbook and pencils on a desk for them to see, or some playdough and googly eyes. Kids will eventually stumble upon it and start creating themselves.

Encourage All Art Aspects

While crafting, painting, and drawing are the most popular creative activities, don’t limit your children to them. If they show aptitude for music, let them explore music – both singing and playing instruments. If they love helping you in the kitchen, find great recipes that kids can help with, or even some recipes that they can make on their own, like a non-cook flapjack or energy balls. Some might show an aptitude for making custom clothes for their dolls and toys, so help them out with a kid’s sewing kit and see how it goes. Others may be interested in various sciences, so buying a telescope, microscope, children’s encyclopedias or children’s programming games are a good way to encourage them towards sciences.

Whatever their interests, run with them and help facilitate the areas they want to explore.

Host Playdates

Kids love crafts even more when they get to engage with their friends, so make things more fun by having an art playdate. Discuss the idea with other children’s parents, and if they are up for it, let them help prep everything. When more kids are crafting and making art, it can quickly turn to chaos. To avoid this, plan a themed art playdate and activities that you will do. Find the best area and prepare it by covering it with plastic sheets for easy cleanup.

Birthday Themes

Take the playdate one step further by allowing kids to get creative to a theme on their birthday! Prepare art stations, for example, a chalk pavement creation or painting stone area all the way up to junk modeling with old cardboard tubes.

You can go a step further and have an elaborate craft station where kids can make their own custom shirts or friendship bracelets. Enlist other parents to help you by bringing some supplies and help you supervise the stations. If you don’t feel like the theme the whole party should be about art, you can make an arts and crafts corner for simple crafts like custom stamps or balloon animals. The most important tip is to choose activities that are age-appropriate so kids are equal parts entertained but that the activities are also a bit of a challenge.

Our favourites are our superhero or princess party themed party packs which allow you to have structured but creative fun for a birthday!

Engage With Creations

It can be tempting when your child is constantly creating to give a quick “well done” and then move on but this can make them feel like it’s not interesting enough.

Instead, when you see your kids create art, engage them and talk about it. Younger kids and toddlers will often tell you they don’t know what they are creating. They might finger paint for hours because they like the way it feels, but don’t give a single thought about what they the painting should represent. By engaging them and asking about it, they will also focus on what they have created. This can spark an endless list of ideas on what to create, ignite their creativity, and help them find inspiration for their next piece.

Add to a Toddler Routine

When at school, kids will have their creativity encouraged but toddlers can often miss out if you only do it once in a while.

While having a daily arts and craft project seems very time-consuming, there’s a lot of things you can do that don’t take much time or cleanup. Take an hour each day to create simple things that won’t make a big mess. For example, kids love crafts from everyday objects like craft flowers from cupcake holders, or airplanes from ice cream sticks and clothespins, princess and wizard wands from paper or foam sheets and straws, pasta necklaces, rockets from recycled toilet paper rolls, yarn-wrapped vases or soda bottle flower stamps. You can introduce new materials and methods in bite-sized chunks this way, and your kids will love doing something new every day.

Read Art Focused Stories

Introduce books that encourage creativity for your kids that tell a story around art, follow an artist or have a twist where painted things come alive and the protagonist can interact with them. Some have deeper messages about creativity and imagination that will stick with kids as they grow. You can also leave these books lying around so your kids can pick them up and be inspired by some of the stories they see. 

Take a Step Back From Technology

Technology can be a useful tool but it often inhibits creativity and creates a disconnect, particularly in younger children who need that tactile experience. Avoid having too much technology around, or limit to certain times of the day so that your children are more likely to create something than want screen time.

Gift Craft Supplies

Switch out the shiny gadgets for supplies they can get creative with. For example, a big new set of watercolours! Alternatively, you could combine several art and craft supplies as gifts – in addition to watercolours, you can buy a canvas stand, five to ten canvases of different sizes, and a fancy artist’s hat on top of that.

If you have a technology lover in your older kids,  combine the best of both worlds and buy a digital tablet to encourage them to create digital art before taking the leap and making them create something with their hands. 

Ultimately, you can help your kids love crafts and this is fantastic for their development and perfect for avoiding too much screen time. Do this by showing them all the possibilities available and helping them to create their next masterpiece. If you need help picking your craft supplies, contact us and find out more about our monthly subscriptions!