How to Come Up With Entertaining Kids’ Craft Ideas



Coming up with kids’ craft ideas can be difficult, particularly during the school holidays or prolonged bad weather. Craft projects are an excellent way to keep the kids entertained, but it involves some creativity on your part before you’ve started!

Here are some of the ways to come up with kids’ craft ideas when you’re stuck!

Social Media


Instagram has a wealth of ideas for all kinds of creative pursuits. Kids’ craft ideas are no exception (if you know where to look.) This visual social media platform is a goldmine for inspiration, and it only takes a few taps to find what you’re looking for.

Start by searching for broad hashtags, such as: 

  • #kidscrafts
  • #craftprojects
  • #creativekids
  • #kidsart
  • #craftykids.

You’ll be met with a flood of fabulous ideas for your little crafters! You can also search for more specific hashtags if there’s a particular activity that your kids want to try. For example:

  • #papercrafts
  • #scrapbooking
  • #knitting
  • #crochet
  • #calligraphy
  • #painting.

Anything they’re interested in, there’s a hashtag for it! The best part of using Instagram for craft project inspiration is that kids will be able to visualise the outcome before they begin. This helps to keep them motivated, particularly on longer projects!


You’ve probably heard of this treasure trove of inspiration already! In a similar way to Instagram, this is a visual platform that provides links to blog posts, web pages, videos, and other content, to help visitors with craft projects, events, and countless other tasks. It has exploded in popularity in recent years, and is a great place to find ideas for junior crafters.

Again, it’s simply a case of searching for the terms most suited to what your kids want to do. You can go broad by entering ‘kids crafts,’ ‘craft projects,’ or ‘kids art,’ or you can narrow it down to specific activities. You’ll be presented with a matrix of images, which you can bookmark – or ‘pin’ – to virtual boards kept in your account.

Note: You can only access a limited number of searches and pins without an account, but it’s best to set one up if you’re likely to become a regular user. Not only does this present you with expanded access, but you can also create boards to accumulate the amazing ideas you find whilst browsing. You’ll also have the ability to pin your own ideas and share boards with other people. This will certainly be handy for other grown-ups looking to keep kids entertained!


Facebook, one of the pillars of social media, is an excellent resource for kids’ craft projects. There are dedicated pages and groups, such as: 

There are also projects you can try from the popular general creative pages, such as Crafty, 5-Minute Crafts, and DIY & Crafts.

To find what you’re looking for, simply enter a term such as ‘kids crafts’ into the search bar. You’ll have the option to scroll through relevant pages, groups, videos, posts, and photos, to find an exciting project for your little ones. Also, check out what your friends are doing with their kids. Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, and godparents love to show off what their little superstars are up to – don’t be afraid to emulate their success!

Parenting Forums

Whilst some might assume that online forums are a little antiquated, particularly in the age of social media, rest assured that they remain vibrant spaces for discussions and idea-sharing.

Parenting forums are a great place to find kids’ craft ideas. Essential Baby, Kidspot, The Bub Hub, and Mumsnet are populated by millions of parents, sharing tips and tricks to help with every aspect of raising a kid. Search these forums for craft-related terms, or use specific keywords if you’re working on a unique project.

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Start a new conversation! You’ll have the opportunity to gather ideas, and discover like-minded people. You may even strike up a new friendship! A win-win.


Continuing along our online odyssey, blogs are fantastic for finding kids’ craft ideas. You might stumble across them from links on Pinterest, Instagram, or other social media, or you may find them from a quick online search. There are countless blogs dedicated solely to crafts for kids, and you can find a multitude of posts on both parenting and general craft blogs. It’s a thrilling intersection of creativity!

Also, look out for blog posts that collate places to find great ideas. Listicles are a hugely popular format, and all gimmicks aside, they can be really helpful for finding your next exciting craft project.

Most blog posts will take out the guesswork by running through all the supplies, equipment, and instructions your kids need to create their next masterpiece!

The Playground

Have a chat with other grown-ups on the playground about the crafty projects they like to complete with the little ones in their lives. Not only will they have some exciting ideas, but they might also be able to point you in the direction of resources they use for inspiration.

Likewise, you can share ideas with parents and other adults who might be struggling to create their own DIY projects for kids. Pay it forward!

Get Someone Else!

As fun as it is to find kids’ craft ideas yourself, sometimes it’s handy to have all the groundwork done for you. Craft kits contain everything you need – aside from standard equipment, such as scissors – to create lovely DIY projects. You can find them in toy stores and dedicated hobby shops.

An even more convenient way to access kids’ craft kits is to sign up for a subscription service and have themed kits delivered to your door.  Each box contains at least four projects for little crafters to complete, with all the supplies and instructions they need to transform a great idea into a new masterpiece. Check out our subscription service here!



Just like in the blogosphere, there are thriving crafts and parenting communities on YouTube, and they often intersect to deliver helpful video content. Plus, there are channels focused entirely on crafting for kids. As before, entering broad topics or specific themes into the search bar will reveal infinite ideas for projects.

You can get your kids involved in this process, which has the added benefit of teaching them some crucial IT skills. Just make sure that the safe search option is engaged, to ensure that they have a positive and age-appropriate experience.

The best thing about YouTube is that it’s entirely visual, and it gives kids the opportunity to see exactly how to complete the steps needed to finish their project. And let’s be honest, it’s helpful for grown-ups, too!

If you don’t have one already, sign up for a YouTube account. This allows you to ‘like’ videos, which adds them to an automatic playlist, or you can curate playlists of your own. You might like to have a playlist for each type of project, or one per child – you’re free to arrange your favourite videos however you like! This helps you to find interesting ideas to do later, or return to projects your kids have loved completing in the past.

School Themes

As soon as the bell rings at the end of each day, most kids don’t even want to think about their school work. However, the projects they complete in class can serve as fantastic inspiration for creative DIY projects at home!

Talk to your kids about the artistic assignments or themes they’ve enjoyed learning the most. Whether that involves painting, pottery, paper crafts, or any other kind of creative expression, kids will love to repeat fun activities from school when they’re at home. Plus, it gives them an opportunity to teach you about a project, which helps to bolster their self-confidence and communication skills!

Books & Magazines

We’ve discussed a great deal about where to find inspiration online, but what about offline resources? Books and magazines remain wonderful tools for creative inspiration. Hop on to Amazon or walk around your local bookstore to find titles dedicated to crafts for kids. Or you can select books that cater to grown-ups, and then modify them for your little helpers. Libraries are also excellent places to find crafting books, and there are often workshops for youngsters – particularly during breaks from school!

It’s also worth checking out the magazines in your local store; there are now several titles for adult crafters, but you’re likely to find special editions for kids, or child-friendly magazines with DIY sections or crafty gifts. Have a wander around and a flick through magazines to find inspiration; you could even sign your child up for an ongoing subscription if you find one that’s particularly useful!

Where do you find your kids’ craft inspiration? Share in the comments and help our other readers who are looking too!