Grandchildren Memories

15 Ways to Make Memories With Your Grandkids


Treasuring every moment with your grandchildren is essential! Time seems to pass in a flash, particularly as kids grow up, so you want to use your time wisely and make as many memories as possible.

So, here are 15 ways of making grandchildren memories you both can look back on fondly.

1. Birthday Dinner Dates

Why not start a new tradition in your family? Take your grandchildren on their own special dinner date for their birthday, at a restaurant of their own choosing. It gives you a chance to celebrate, take pictures, and make special memories.

It will also become something that your grandkids look forward to every year. Collect a picture or souvenir from each birthday dinner date and put them together in a memory box or scrapbook.

2. Custom Puzzles

Working on puzzles with your grandchildren is a fantastic way to build memories, teach them about patience and concentration, and instil a sense of pride in the achievement of finishing a tricky task.

To make the experience extra special, you can purchase a custom puzzle with a picture of the family, a favourite pet, a cherished holiday destination, or an image chosen by your grandchildren.

3. Memorable Planting

Kids love to help out in the garden, so it’s the ideal place to create precious grandchildren memories. Buy them a set of gardening tools in miniature size, talk to them about all the plants, and show them how to maintain the garden.

Another wonderful activity to do outside is to plant a tree with them. You’ll all enjoy watching it grow and bloom, just as you do with your grandkids. Take a picture each year to see the changes over time. The tree becomes a living memory, a special memento for your entire family and your grandchildren will enjoy seeing how much it’s grown each time they are over. 

4. Surprise School Pickup

Kids love surprises, especially after a long day at school! Pre-arrange with their parents to go and collect them from school, then visit a playground, grab a meal, or simply hang out at home. Your grandchild will be thrilled to see you, and will always cherish memories of the surprise!

5. Crafts

Boundless creativity is to be encouraged when kids are growing up. A fun way to channel your grandkids’ imagination is to complete craft activities together. There are infinite projects to try, including painting, stitching, paper crafts, knitting, pottery, and model making. Perhaps there are crafts that you enjoy; introducing them to your grandchildren allows you to pass on your knowledge and skills, and give the kids a brand-new hobby.

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6. Create a Holiday Tradition

Holidays are an exciting time for children, and there are lots of opportunities to make grandchildren memories or those with the whole family!

You probably have holiday traditions in place already, but there’s always space to make new ones, such as decorating the tree together, making festive cookies, singing carols, crafting ornaments, and visiting Santa. Take photos and add them to a holiday scrapbook.

7. Teach Them to Bake

Children also love to help out in the kitchen, and what better way to introduce them to cooking than by baking a cake? Simple recipes are kid-friendly, and the outcome is absolutely delicious!

Allowing your grandchildren to take charge of measurements and quality control – the official term for tasting! – helps to develop their numeracy and cooking skills. It’s also a wonderful memory that they will cherish forever.  

8. Lunch & A Movie

A lovely way to catch up, particularly with older grandchildren, is to spend an afternoon together, watching a movie and having lunch. Allow your grandchild to choose the movie, and figure out a place to eat together. They will always remember that they saw the movie for the first time with you, and you never know, it might turn out to be their new favourite!  

9. Create a Time Capsule

A quite literal way to create memories is to make time capsules with your grandchildren. Add photographs, coins, a newspaper, ticket stubs from a day out or trip to the movies, lists of your favourite things, and a letter from both you and your grandchild. Pop all the items in a watertight container, write the date on there, and either bury it in the garden or store it in a cupboard. You don’t have to set a date to open it, but it’s a nice idea to give the capsule as a gift on an important milestone, such as graduation or their 16th birthday.

10. Write a Cookbook

Those treasured family recipes need a place to live! Take some time to write down the ingredients and instructions, so that your grandkids can recreate the meals they enjoyed in your home! You can have them help you to write the recipes, or a foreword – just like a published cookbook! – or you can put them in charge of taking pictures. You can also help when your kids have a go at making your recipes for the first time.

11. Have a Photoshoot

Get all the grandchildren together, make some props, put on your best clothes – or favourite costumes, for a hilarious twist – and take a bunch of photographs together. You might want to hire a professional photographer, or a family member with an SLR camera. Your grandchildren will always remember such a special day, and you’ll have the photos to enjoy for years to come!

12. Remote Book Clubs

Putting together a book club is a great idea for big families, particularly if your grandkids are spread out all over the country. Pick some titles that are suitable for a range of ages, encourage your grandchildren to visit the library to take them out, then have a group call or in-person club meeting to discuss it. This is also a great opportunity to catch up with one another! And the best part? Your grandchildren might just find their favourite book from your very exclusive club!

13. Create A Family Collage

Remember all those photos you took on days out with your grandchildren? Create another lasting memory by getting them all together – the photos and your grandchildren! – and creating a collage. It will look beautiful in your home, and the kids will love this snapshot of their lives.

14. Research Your Family History

This is something that benefits you both and can create lasting grandchildren memories by tracing your family history. Talk with other relatives together, do some research and fact checking and be like Sherlock Holmes. You never know who your family could be descendants of!

15. Low-Key Relaxed Moments

Low-key, relaxed moments are just as precious as extravagant adventures. Just remember, you don’t have to always come up with exciting things to do. Your grandchildren will enjoy just spending time with you and the effort that you put in. Here are some simple memory makers and fund activities you can do with your grandchildren:


On a sunny day, a picnic gives you the opportunity to catch up with your grandkids and simply have a good chat. Those of us who were blessed with grandparents will no doubt have fond memories of time spent shooting the breeze with them, and it’ll be just the same for your grandchildren.

Enchanted Forests

OK, it needn’t be an actual enchanted forest, but there is something magical about walking through the woods, particularly during the autumn. Teach your grandchildren about the different animals or plants of the forest, and grab the camera to take some photos in beautiful nature.

Scavenger Hunts

If you’re looking after the grandchildren for a full day, an exciting activity to keep them occupied is to organise a scavenger hunt. Leave clues around the house, as well as small prizes, which lead to their main surprise. This could be a new game or a toy they’ve wanted for a while.

Make the clues challenging but not too difficult, and be on hand to help them out! A fun-filled day that your grandchildren will talk about for years to come.

Visit a Farm

Another fabulous idea for a memorable day out is to take your grandchildren to a farm. Most will have petting zoos and spaces to feed the animals. Your grandkids will love the opportunity to see farmyard or exotic creatures up close!

The Museum

Nurture the young minds of your grandchildren by organising a trip to a museum. Select a few places that they might like to try, based on their hobbies and interests, and allow them to make the final decision.

A day at the museum will always stick in the minds of your grandchildren, and you can take pictures together to remember the visit.

Visit a Playground

It’s simple, but a classic! If your grandkids have a favourite playground, make a point of visiting with them. You can also set aside time to explore new parks and play areas.

If you have several grandchildren, this also presents an opportunity for them to meet up and see one another!

No matter what you do, remember to appreciate your time together and when making grandchildren memories, the most important thing is to have fun!