Superhero Craft Box
Superhero Craft Box
Superhero Craft Box
Superhero Craft Box
Superhero Craft Box


Superhero Craft Box

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BAM! WHAM! POW! Let your inner superhero shine! Included in this awesome box is: 

- Superhero cape and mask

- Superhero cuffs 

- Shield 

- Spy glass 

- Make your own superheros 

All of the materials for the above activities are included in the box - including scissors, glue, paint and a paintbrush - making your home arts and crafts sessions that much easier! 

Our interactive and educational Superhero craft box will encourage your child to problem solve, be creative, connect with the world around them, work on their fine motor skills, and learn about superheros while having so much fun! 

This box is for children aged 3-9 years old. Younger children will require full assistance to complete the activities included, while older children can work on this independently and further their learning by researching information about different superheros, their powers and create their own superhero - write a story about them, what their powers are etc. Colours, brands and items may vary from the image shown.