How To Showcase Your Kid’s Art Without Cluttering The House


From scribbles to elaborate drawings and crafts, once their hands start creating, you want to showcase kid’s art in its plenty!

There’s only one problem with this. Once their imagination fully flourishes they can produce lots of art pieces per day! It tends to breed into every corner of the house once the fridge is full, and it’s unlikely you’ll be allowed to throw any of these valuable creations away. 

So, here’s how to showcase kid’s art without cluttering the house by some ingenious parents! Some of these can preserve it indefinitely.


Showcase kid’s artwork with a digital photo frame! Digital frames will display a slideshow of images that you added onto a USB stick or an SD card and plugged into them. After you take a picture or scan the latest art project, you can easily transfer it onto a memory device that will connect to the digital photo frame. The slideshow function helps display as many images as can fit onto the SD card or USB stick, so you can have a single frame display hundreds of pieces. Still, buy more than one and divide the artwork between them for added effect. 

Another option is turning these photos into a photobook. Many photo services have discounts on photobooks several times a year, so be sure to check for discounts before going for this option.

Plus, digitising preserves all of their art without having to keep it all in the house! Simply put it in storage boxes in the cupboard if you don’t want to throw it away.

Bedroom Gallery

Choose a wall in their bedroom that is dedicated to their artwork. Then explain that once it’s full, they need to decide what gets stored or thrown away, they’ll likely get bored of certain creations and then get rid of them themselves. The perfect place for this is around their desk or play corner, and if you have younger ones try a magnet board so they can easily move things around.

You can also use decal ‘frames’ to make it feel like a real gallery. You can order some online or make your own using decorative tape.  Just make sure the tape is safe for walls and won’t rip off the paint when you want to remove it.

Bundled Frames

Showcase kid’s art one at a time but store it in the same place. There are kid-friendly artwork frames available – they are glass-free versions where you can simply slide the artwork into the frame if you’re opting for their bedroom. Thanks to this ingenious design, your kids can change the artwork that’s on display on their own.  Plus, the frames add a modern, decorative look to any room.


Make a photo collage from your kid’s favourite arts and crafts creations. You can do a traditional collage by buying a big enough frame that will hold multiple art pieces but these can miss out on displaying craft projects. Alternatively, leverage modern tech to fit all types of artwork instead. All you need is a good camera and some beginner computer skills. Take a photo of each artwork and craft you want on display and print them out on the same sized photo paper.  You can easily fit 10, 20, even 30 artworks onto a single collage frame.


If you don’t have anywhere to showcase kid’s art in your home or you’re limited on space, go for colourful binders instead. Add plastic sleeves so that you don’t have to hole-punch them and damage their creations! You can organise by year or topic depending on what your kids enjoy creating. Just make sure that they are easily accessible to everyone when they want to look through for inspiration.

Art Book

An alternative to binders is to spend time creating with them and turn their creations into a scrapbook or art book. These can be a great memory once they grow up. What’s best about this option is that you can add a description to each picture that you include, so you can describe each artwork, write why you like it, or add a short story about it.

If there are larger pieces you can’t fit in the book, photograph them and include those instead. 

Cork Boards

A fuss-free way to arrange an art wall is using a cork board. It’s true that you can also buy a readymade cork display, but they are often small and can hold only a few pieces. Making one an extra-large version is simple. All you need is a good base, cork tiles, adhesive and a few screws. The base can be anything, but it’s best to be sturdy so it can handle all the pin pricks. The base serves as a barrier for the pins, so they don’t end up being pushed all the way to the wall.

This is something that many store-bought cork displays don’t have, so that’s another reason to go for the DIY option. Choose a spot where you want to have a cork wall for children’s art. Measure it, cut the base to dimensions, glue the cork tiles onto it, and fasten everything tightly.


Shelves are a great solution for showcasing kid’s art because they organise and limit how much artwork will be on display. Since their creations are often colourful, it’s best to go with unicolour shelves. The simplest white shelves are often the best solution. You can put them in the kid’s room or an area of the living room dedicated to them. 

Art Clotheslines

Display your children’s artwork on a dedicated wall with help of some string or wire and clothespins. You can put several lines of string or wire so that both you and the kids can hang the artwork. Let your kids help you and indulge their artistic side in the process. Let them choose bright and happy colours to turn the clothespins into small works of art.

If you have space, hang the string from the ceiling and make an artwork ceiling that can be an exciting addition to the kid’s bedroom.

Showcasing kid’s art doesn’t have to ruin your house! As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate their creations that are house-friendly. How do you showcase yours?